Cover Art

Print the pdf's to 180/190 gr/m² special inket paper.
Read the following handicraft instructions
we do handicraft an Ixthuluh-CD/LP-cover

most covers are made - like old LP-covers - as a foldable cardboard bag

first download this handicraft instructions

You will find here covers for:
The Mub
Mud Shurko

more farts
the old farts

the roofers

jazz is not dead

mysterious roots

download cd jewel case front cover
download inkjet directprint label

(use thin CD jewel case without back cover)
unspent despair

potates attakh

The cover paper for the two MUB CD's is -differently from the Ixthuluh-covers - an inlet
for common jewel cases.
Print this to a 80 - 120 gr./m² premium inket paper or equal quality.


live at willmore

some chimeras thumb
this was

whats the name

tea at two

no money for a radio

yes we are a jazzband