mud shurko


Wir haben uns wieder um keinen Verkaufsleiter kümmern müssen.

Und schon gar nicht um eine Rundfunktauglichkeit.
Wir haben wieder nur das gemacht, was wir eben können

und was uns Spass macht.
Wir haben nicht geprobt sondern gespielt.
Wir haben gespielt und alles aufgenommen, eine ganze Nacht lang.
Das meiste haben wir dann allerdings weggeschnitten, Euch zuliebe!
So ist diese knappe Stunde übriggeblieben.

Genug für eine CD. Die Ausbeute aus 2012.

front pic
cover illustration by Fredl Hofer

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Production No. 7, recorded live.
During a summer party at Cafe Sack, as ever.

Breakfast At Ixthlan

We have no need to worry about sales manager again.

And certainly not a broadcast capability.
We only have done what we can do and what makes fun for us.
We have not rehearsed - but played.
We played and recorded everything, for a whole long night.
Most, however, then we cut away, to please you!
Thus, this brief hour remained - enough for a CD.

The yield in 2012.


Open Your Hearts

6.853 kB



Schloft Er Denn Nu

5.068 kB



Breakfast at Ixthlan

4.360 kB



Share Your Time

6.587 kB



Land Of Rosies

4.492 kB



Wake Up

973 kB



Stone Age Girl

7.791 kB



Idle Speed

6.482 kB



Mary Go Round

5.999 kB



Walking On So Why

7.030 kB


Late After Midnight 8.834 KB
Every Day In My Life 7.977 KB

CD total time


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(, 87,9 MB)
12 Tracks + Cover

Dita Lasser: e+ac.-guitars, e-bass, vocals, perc.
Dietmar Rauner-Quietensky: e-bass
Sabine Oppeneiger: keyboard, vocals, percussion
Fredl Hofer: e-guitar, vocals
Peter Rausch: perc., hank drum
Joe Schinagl: saz, percussion
Mud Shurko: drums, percussion, devices

lacy laser percussion peter hank drum
Lacy Laser percussion, Sabine vocals Peter on hank drum, for "stone age girl"

sabine singing rauner zurring
Fotos: Schinagl

joe saz fredl und mudshurko
jam mit saz und bass

saz und bass

cover art: Fredl Hofer
Fotos: Joe Schinagl, F.Hofer, MudShurko

recorded live Aug. 2012
with TASCAM US-800 and Cubase5
at Cafe Sack, Lembach i.M., Obernort 10
eine Mudshurko production ©2013

grafics F.Hofer

sahe baby shake
ShakeBaby,Shake! / Foto:Hofer

Studio SackNSack
Studio Sack & Sack, Cafe Sack, Lembach, Austria / Foto: Hofer

the back side of the dog

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